Monteferro Group is present on the global market as an outstanding supplier of metal sheet lift components. Monteferro is a multi-function business that guarantees bespoke solutions, with integrated services from design through to installation.

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      Quality & Sustainability Monteferro

      Quality & Sustainability

      Practical, effective actions for sustainability

      Sustainability policy
      focused on practical, effective actions

      Awareness of the environmental impact of the production and product cycles is an essential aspect of Monteferro Group’s sustainability and quality policy.

      Quality Monteferro
      Human Rights Monteferro
      Code of conduct and a human rights policy

      We believe
      in the social responsibility

      Every company has a social responsibility and for this reason, Monteferro has adopted a code of conduct and a human rights policy.

      But in a historical period like the one we are living in, full of social, market, and environmental changes, attention to the environment (and to the impact that every industry has on it), has become essential in every business strategy.

      Working with EPD certified supplier and continuously researching and developing new and lighter guide rails allows Monteferro to reduce its own impact and create a better and more sustainable future for generations to come.